Attic Secrets Cafe & Tea
Attic Secrets Cafe & Tea

Tea Selection

Black Teas Med to High Caffeine

Almond (Black tea with Almond pieces & Calendula)

Arctic Raspberry (hint of Blueberry & Elderberry)                         

Berry Combo (Blueberry/Raspberry/Strawberry)                           


Blue Lady (Coconut Crème/Kiwi/Strawberry)                  

Chai (Vanilla/Orange/Cinnamon/Cardamom/Clove/Ginger/Nutmeg)              

Cherry Pie (Orange peel/Cherries/Apple bits/hibiscus blossoms)

Chocolate Mint (Chocolate pieces & Mint tea                  

Consider the Coconut (Black Tea with Coconut pieces)

Darjeeling The Champagne of Teas (a smooth/floral/fruit aroma)

Dark Chocolate (Black tea with Mallow & Amaranth petals)         

Due Sorella (Raspberry/Pear/Jasmine) – Our House Blend!            

Earl Grey (Black tea & Cornflower petals)

Earl Grey Crème (Earl Grey mellowed with a creamy taste)

Earl Grey Lavender (Earl Grey with calming Lavender)

Earl Grey Raspberry (Earl Grey with Juicy Raspberry)

Elephant Mix (Banana/Coconut/Pineapple)                                    

English Breakfast (Good bodied & full tea flavor notes)

Ginger Peach (Papaya & Peach pieces/Ginger/Blackberry leaves)

Gold & Glitter (Cinnamon/Spices/Sugar Sprinkles/Vanilla)           

Hawaiian Orchid (Mango/Passionfruit/Peach/Cherry)                  

Hearthside Toddy (Vanilla/Ginger/Spices)

Irish Breakfast (A stout & robust blend & very full bodied)

Lady Londonderry (Strawberry/Lemon)                        

Market Spice (Cinnamon/Orange)

Misty Thursday (Coconut/Raspberry)

Orange (Orange pieces/Blackberry & Lime leaves)

Papaya (Papaya pieces/Lime leaves/Calendula & Sunflower petals)

Peach Apricot (Papaya/Apricot/Peach pieces/Blackberry leaves)

Pear (Blackberry leaves/Pear pieces)

Pineapple Upside-down Cake (Pineapple & Cherry bits)

Raspberry (Blackberry leaves/Rose petals & Raspberry pieces)

Rose (Rosehip pieces & petals/Blackberry leaves)

Royal Wedding (Almond/Coconut/Vanilla)

Scottish Caramel Toffee (Dessert in a cup *Contains Almonds)

Snowfire (Cherry/Ginger)

Southern Belle (Peach/Apricot and a hint of Brandy)

Starbright (Grapefruit/Lemon/Orange/Marigold)

Strawberry (Papaya & Strawberry/Lime & Blackberry leaves)

Strawberry Mango (Strawberry & Mango pieces)

Strawberry Pear (In house blend of Strawberry & Pear teas)

Strawberry Rose (In house blend of Strawberry & Rose teas)

Summer in Seattle (Mango/Coconut/Passionfruit)

Sunburst (Orange/Papaya)

Vanilla (Calendula & Sunflower petals)

Vanilla Almond (In house blend of Vanilla & Almond teas)

Vanilla Chai (Ginger/Cinnamon/Cardamom/Clove/Nutmeg)

Wild Blueberry (Elderberry & Raisin pieces/Hibiscus petals)


 Green Teas Low to Med Caffeine

Cucumber Melon (Watermelon notes with a Cucumber finish)

Dragonwell (Plain Green) 

Enchanted Forest (Almond/Coconut)

Garden Berry (Gogi Berry/Blueberry/Pomegranate)                      

Jasmine Green (Sweet Jasmine flavor in a mild green tea)

Jasmine Pear (In house blend of Jasmine and Pear teas)

Jasmine with Flowers (Jasmine Flowers)

Lemon Green (Green tea with Sencha Lemon)

Moroccan Mint (Mild green tea with Peppermint leaves)

Strawberry Green (Strawberry pieces & Safflower petals)


White Teas Low Caffeine     

Blueberry White (American & European Blueberries “Bilberries”)

Champagne & Raspberries (Dried Raspberries & Safflower)

Earl Grey Crème White (Creamy flavor with an Earl Grey finish)

Fruit Bowl (Strawberry/Pineapple/Papaya)

White Peach (Green & White tea/Dried Peaches)


Oolong Teas Low Caffeine

Oh My Oolong (Plain Oolong)

Mango Oolong (Mango pieces/flower of Asia)



Black and Herbal Teas Naturally Caffeine Free *H=Herbal/Rooibos ~ B=Black

American Apple Pie B (Honey/Peanuts/Butterscotch Chips)

Angel falls H apple, rosehip, orange peices, hibiscus natural flavors                                        Chamomile Lavender H (Chamomile & Lavender Flowers)


Claire De Sylvia H (Spearmint/Peppermint/Lavender)

Cranberry Apple H (Apple, rosehip, cranberry, elderberry hibiscus)                   

Fairy Nectar B (Rose/Gooseberries/Currants/Cinnamon/Apricot)  

Lavender Super Blue H (Mild flavor with distinctive fragrance)

On the Waterfront R (Mint notes with hints of peach & ginger)  

Really Root Beer B (it really does taste like Root Beer)

Rooibos R (Plain Rooibos “Red Bush” pronounced ‘ROY-boss’)

Rooibos Gingerbread H (Cinnamon chips/Gingerbread/Vanilla)

Rooibos Peach H (Peach pieces)

Rooibos Provence H (Rosehip/Elderberry/Blueberry/Lavender)

Rooibos Raspberry H (Raspberry Candy Floss)

Rooibos Raspberry Vanilla H (Vanilla/Raspberry pieces)

Rooibos Vanilla H (Almond pieces & oil/Calendula petals)

Spearmint H (A cool fresh taste that will take your breath away)

Spring Madeleine H/Rooibos (Toasted Almond Tart)

Tropical Island B (Orange/Pineapple/Cherry/Coconut)

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